Jen Hatmaker

Jesus is a redeemer, a restorer in every way. His day on the cross looked like a colossal failure, but it was His finest moment. He launched a kingdom where the least will be the greatest and the last will be the first, where the poor will be comforted, and the meek will inherit the earth. Jesus brought together the homeless with the privileged and said, “You’re all poor, and you’re all beautiful.” The cross levelled the playing field, and no earthly distinction is valid anymore. There is a new “us”-people rescued by the Passover lamb, adopted into the family and transformed into saints. It is the most epic miracle in history.

Dwight L Moody

I believe that if an angel were to wing his way from earth up to Heaven, and were to say that there was one poor, ragged boy, without father or mother, with no one to care for him and teach him the way of life; and if God were to ask who among them were willing to come down to this earth and live here for fifty years and lead that one to Jesus Christ, every angel in Heaven would volunteer to go. Even Gabriel, who stands in the presence of the Almighty, would say, “Let me leave my high and lofty position, and let me have the luxury of leading one soul to Jesus Christ.” There is no greater honour than to be the instrument in God’s hands of leading one person out of the kingdom of Satan into the glorious light of Heaven.

Danny Silk

The core belief that each person is beautifully unique and valuable, and that there are enough opportunities and resources in the world for every one of us to “happen”– as opposed to the lies that are not valuable and there is not enough for us all to flourish or succeed– leads us to commit to building relationships with high levels of encouragement, affirmation, generosity, and calls to excellence.

Katherine Walden

Without hope, faith and love, it doesn’t matter what you do for yourself, your fellow man or God, In the end, if your life work was not built upon a foundation built of empowering love, faith and hope, it will all crumble into nothingness. It nothing but chaff blowing in the wind. But if you have these three things in place, nothing you do, no matter how small or seemingly mundane is without significant kingdom value.

Nancy Cobb

Do you feel inept, unqualified, or just not up to it? God understands your feelings, your doubts, your fears. He also knows your heart, and can work mightily in one that’s yielded to Him. You are a diamond – a diamond in the rough – a diamond in the making. Place yourself in the hands of the Master Jeweler, Jesus Christ. Allow Him to chisel you, mould you, and refine you.

A.W. Tozer

When the Lord lays His hand upon a man, that man ceases at once to be ordinary. He immediately becomes extraordinary, and his life takes on cosmic significance. The angels in heaven take notice of him and go forth to become his ministers (Hebrews 1:14). Though the man had before been only one of the faceless multitude, a mere cipher in the universe, an invisible dust grain blown across endless wastes–now he gets a face and a name and a place in the scheme of meaningful things. Christ knows His own sheep “by name.”… There are no unknown Christians, no insignificant sons of God. Each one signifies, each is a “sign” drawing the attention of the Triune God day and night upon him. The faceless man has a face, the nameless man a name, when Jesus picks him out of the multitude and calls him to Himself.

Katherine Walden

Stop! Right now! Take a deep breath in and exhale. Remind yourself that you are loved, you are cherished, you have value. Remind yourself that nothing that anyone does or thinks or says to you will diminish that value. Remind yourself that every person you meet today is loved by God just as much as you are and is worthy of respect and is worthy of being seen as a person of value. Now continue to make decisions today based on those truths.