Chris Summerlin

The bottom line about all of our emotions or feelings of dread, apprehension, and uncertainty comes down to one thing: The fear of not being in control. – When there’s something beyond our control and we feel uncertain about the outcome, that’s going to create the emotion of anxiety in us. In the New Testament, the word anxiety means distracted or pulled apart – this is the opposite of peace. That “distraction” or “pulling apart” is going to create stress within us. And that stress, whether we realize it or not, is going to have a profound effect on our lives. Understand this can make you physically ill. It will divide your mind. And where your mind goes, the overall health of your body will eventually follow. That’s why recognizing what it is and learning to deal with the emotion of anxiety is so important.


Darlene Cunningham

Before our modern era, pillars of marble often supported the weight of a heavy structure. If a stonecutter was dishonest, he would fill a crack in the marble with wax to make it “look” whole, so that he could sell it for a good price. But if the stonemason was wise, when he came to choose the stones he used for pillars, he would heat the marble with a candle. If there was wax, the crevice would be exposed as the wax melted and ran out. When the stone had no wax and no cracks, he would proclaim “this stone has integrity.” That’s the way we want our lives to be – when the heat is on and the pressure comes, we want to unwaveringly communicate and act with unblemished integrity.