Chris Cruz

Death to self isn’t to be confused with the death of self. Jesus does not condone self-hatred. If anything, Jesus elevates our worth beyond what we could ever claim or measure! But self-denial and self rejection are two different things. An example of self-rejection would be, “I’m disgusting and worthless.” An example of death to self would be, I deeply want to fight back with my words but I recognize that I don’t have to follow that instinct anymore.” It’s letting go of a lesser life in order to let your new life in Christ to emerge.

Peter of Damaskos

A man must first submit to the law of God, and then he will rule as an intelligent being over all around him. His intellect will reign as it was originally created to reign, with judgment and self-restraint, with courage and justice. Now he will calm his wrath with the gentleness of his desire, now quieten his desire with the austerity of his wrath; and he will know that he is a king.