Paul Hedges

Are you having a wilderness experience at present? Are you asking yourself, “Why?” Maybe God needs a place where He has your full attention. He has said before, “Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her.” Stand still and listen. Tender words of love and compassion can change your world today!

Gretchen Rodriguez

Seasons don’t last forever. Wounds heal. Circumstances change. Wisdom overtakes foolishness. Doors that once slammed in your face open with favor. But you may not notice if you’re not paying attention. Lift your weary head and look around. Like they did for Noah, the waters of adversity are drying up, and God is placing you on dry ground. Rid yourself of that negativity and believe again!

Jack Noble

On the first day of Advent… is God not trying always, in so many ways, to get our attention? Not, I think, merely so He can be worshipped and adored, but in order to be in companionship with us. The Gospel is absolutely transparent, as John makes so clear – God comes, finally in a Person, the person of Christ Jesus.