Jill Monaco

God made us to hear His voice, encounter His presence and walk in intimacy with Him. Your relationship with Him is unique and others may not understand … but that doesn’t mean they get to discount your experience. You may not be as knowledgeable about God’s word but that doesn’t surprise or disappoint God. So if a leader makes you feel that way it’s not of God. Community enhances our relationship with God but it isn’t the foundation. God is. You can hear God. You can read His Word and receive revelation from it. You can make good decisions because you have the Spirit of the living God leading you.

Brian Hardin

We won’t get far in life without wisdom and common sense. And we see that both are gifts of God and that God Himself uses them. Yet so often, we find ourselves doing anything but listening. Wisdom is available and calling to us from everywhere. (Proverbs 1:20-21) But often, we’re either not paying attention or ignoring her in favour of our ill-considered choices. However, wisdom is a companion of God, and he has offered this companion to us. It is worth our time to consider the ways in which we continue to ignore her.

John M Perkins

Some people think that those of us who believe in social justice don’t believe in prayer, that we don’t pray enough. They think that because they don’t really understand what prayer is. They think it’s something that you do at a set time; that it’s just asking God for what you want. But prayer is more than that. Prayer is listening for God’s answer. It’s that intimate practice of asking according to His will and moving as He directs. I love the words of this song, “Lead me, guide me, along the way. For if you lead me, I cannot stray. Lord, let me walk each day with thee. Lead me, O Lord, lead me.” That’s what prayer is.

David Joel Hamilton

These – and many other words – are used to describe God’s great communication skills. He answers, asks, assures, calls, commands, declares, directs, explains, instructs, mentions, orders, promises, replies, responds, reveals, says, speaks, swears, tells, warns, etc. All told, God’s great ability to communicate is mentioned nearly 3000 times in the Bible! No one communicates more abundantly than God. But are we listening? Are our radios tuned in? Do we need to posture ourselves, like Samuel, to hear with a servant’s heart?