Jerry Bridges

Prayer is the most tangible expression of trust in God. If we would trust God for our persecuted brothers and sisters in other countries, we must be diligent in prayer for their rulers. If we would trust God when decisions of government in our own country go against our best interests, we must pray for His working in the hearts of those officials and legislators who make those decisions. The truth that the king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord is meant to be a stimulus to prayer, not a stimulus to a fatalistic attitude.

Ed Silvoso

I… began to feel for nations what I already felt for sinners deformed and scarred by the work of the devil and sin. No matter how bad and ugly people look, I always believed that because Jesus paid the price, salvation was always an option for them. I now realize that the same precious blood that paid the price for sinners has also paid it for nations, and that nothing is beyond His reach. Understanding and embracing the commission to disciple nations is an issue of the heart.