Billy Graham

The Bible labels unjustified anger as sin, and calls on us to repent of it and seek God’s help to overcome it. Often, however, an angry person refuses to face this and blames others for his outbursts—but God’s Word is clear: “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger” (Ephesians 4:31).

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The man who is meek is not even sensitive about himself. He is not always watching himself and his own interests. He is not always on the defensive… To be truly meek means we no longer protect ourselves, because we see there is nothing worth defending… The man who is truly meek never pities himself, he is never sorry for himself. He never talks to himself and says, “You are having a hard time, how unkind these people are not to understand you.”

Priscilla Shirer

you. Physical weapons may work in physical battles. Stuff like . . . trying harder, getting up earlier, moving across town to a new neighborhood, making him sleep on the sofa, giving her a piece of your mind. But this ain’t no physical battle we’re dealing with, no matter how much you may wish it to be, no matter how much better you’d feel if life was all five-senses and manageable. We are at spiritual war. So we need spiritual weapons.