Jack Frost

When you have failed and know you deserve the rod of judgment, what does the presence of the Father represent to you? What do you think when you hear the words, “You just wait till your father gets home!”? Do you picture God as the great policeman in the sky, waiting to pounce on any infraction of the law you may commit? Or is He your loving Daddy who brings the joy back to your heart, whom you can’t wait to spend time with, and who can’t wait to spend time with you?

Katherine Walden


A highly personal blog this week but I feel it’s the perfect time to talk about masks, and I am not talking about the masks we all wore for the last 20 months. No, I’m talking about other types of masks. Ones that are not so easily removed. We mask ourselves, then try to convince ourselves that those masks are our true identity. It’s time to be unmasked and to remind ourselves of who we are in Christ.
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C. S. Lewis

Man’s offense “smells to heaven”: massacres, broken treaties, beatings-up, theft, kidnappings, enslavement, deportation, floggings, lynchings, rape, insult, mockery, and odious hypocrisy, make up that smell. But the thing comes nearer than that. Those of us who have little authority, who have few people at our mercy, may be thankful. But how if one is an officer in the army… a hospital matron? a magistrate? a prison-warden? a school prefect? a trades-union official? a Boss of any sort? in a word, anyone who cannot be “answered back”? It is hard enough, even with the best will in the world, to be just. It is hard, under the pressure of haste, uneasiness, ill-temper, self-complacency, and conceit, to continue intending justice. Power corrupts; the “insolence of office” will creep in. We see it so clearly in our superiors; is it unlikely that our inferiors see it in us? How many of those who have been over us did not sometimes (perhaps often) need our forgiveness? Be sure that we likewise need the forgiveness of those that are under us.

Kris Vallotton

Even if the main people who influenced us were negative role models, as Christians, we now follow Christ as our example and hear the Holy Spirit calling us into our true identities. When we begin to act like royalty, issues that felt like mountains in our lives will become mere stepping stones to demonstrate our character.