Katherine Walden

When time runs out on TV cooking contests the contestants have to hold their hands up in the air and take a step back from their cooking stations, meal finished or not, messy presentation or not. Their time has run out. That’s the picture God often gives me when I am tempted to step into a situation when he has asked me to step back. He may not be done with an individual or a situation, but either my time in the situation has run out or I have been put in a temporary ‘time out’. I am only a sous kitchen in His kitchen and I need to learn to take my directions from the Executive chef. Yes too many cooks CAN spoil the broth.

Jason Vallotton

God is the Shepherd of our lives, even when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Therefore, the peace of God wraps around us while He leads the way. One of the best ways we can find out who is leading us is to stop and take a look at our everyday life. What has become our main source of direction, protection, comfort, healing and identity? Where do we go on a daily basis to get our needs met? Ask yourself those questions. Your answers will reveal a lot about what or who is in your “God” spot.