Danny McDonald

I love my wife more now than I ever have in my life. Maybe that’s because we’ve had twenty-seven years to actually practice those vows and learn what it truly means to love someone with all of your heart. Have there been bumps in the road? Absolutely? But we refused to drive the marriage into the ditch. Instead, we stopped, both got out and patched the holes in the road.

Jill Parr

March 8, 2020

Maybe today was hard for you.
Maybe you’re in a difficult season.
Maybe grief has robbed your joy.
Maybe you “feel” all alone.
Maybe you wanted to find thanks and gratitude but circumstances have you feeling like life is more unfair than it is good.

Can I just tell you that, you made it.
The only way to get through hard things is to do just that:
Get through it.

You did it.

You’re through it.
And hope still abounds.
Joy is still to be found.
Mercies are new every morning.
Grace is still endless.
You are never alone.
And the only thing you have to be is to just BE.