David Joel Hamilton

Consider Peter’s situation. Seven years after Jesus’ instructions to preach the gospel to every person (Mar 16:15), he still was only moving in familiar, culturally-comfortable circles. How about us? Are there changes God wants to make in the way we think and live like he did in Peter’s life? Are we moving beyond the known and the familiar to reach those who are culturally different from us? Are we sharing good news with those who were born elsewhere and speak a different language? Are we communicating redemption to those who are outside our day-to-day activities? Take time to consider how you can move beyond your relational circles to share the gospel with those who are different from you.

Os Guinness

But the fact is that the Bible itself is the grandest of grand stories, yet it prizes truth and reason without being modernist, and it prizes countless stories within its overall story without being postmodern either. In short, the Bible is both rational and experiential, propositional as well as relational, so that genuinely biblical arguments work in any age and with any person.