Randy Hunt

You were created to be an instrument of God. When you are not being used as an instrument of God, neither you nor God will find satisfaction in your use. There is a word for things that are not used for their intended purpose – it’s call perversion. God created you for His own good. When you are used for bad your use is being perverted. And there is no satisfaction in perversion. Whether we’re talking about perverting sex, perverting money, perverting time or perverting our lives – there is no satisfaction in perversion.

Charles R. Swindoll

In vain I have searched the Bible, looking for examples of early believers whose lives were marked by rigidity, predictability, inhibition, dullness, and caution. Fortunately, grim, frowning, joyless saints in Scriptures are conspicuous by their absence. Instead, the examples I find are of adventurous, risk-taking, enthusiastic, and authentic believers whose joy was contagious even in times of full trial. Their vision was broad even when death drew near. Rules were few and changes were welcome. The contrast between then and now is staggering.

Evelyn Underhill

Have you ever noticed that Jesus is never recorded as taking a holiday? He retired for the purposes of his mission, not from it. He was never destroyed by his work; he was always on top of it. He moved among people as the Master of every situation. He was busier than anyone; the multitudes were always at him, yet he had time, for everything and everyone. He was never hurried, or harassed, or too busy. He had complete supremacy over time; he never let it dictate to him. He talked of “my time” “my hour.” He knew exactly when the moment had come for doing something and when it had not. A life lived in God is a life that masters time. One can see the distractions for what they are and centre down on the things that really matter. But of course this doesn’t mean that Christians do less than other people. (Look at Jesus again, and think of those people – many of the busiest you have known – who have something of this quality.)