Vance K Jackson

Before God enlarges you, He strengthens you. Your promotion will not break you. Promotion was meant to propel you. The testing of your character, in private, was meant to strengthen you behind the scenes in order to prepare you for your public platform. Many collapse under the weight and pressure of self-promotion and self-exaltation. But when God promotes, His promotion is sustainable.

Kris Vallotton

An old saying continually circulates throughout the Body of Christ: “Greater levels, greater devils.” The adage basically means that every time God promotes someone, He exposes them to more demonic assaults. Entire Christian camps actually believe that sickness, relational conflict and troubles are a sign that you have been promoted. What these folks fail to realize is that when God promotes you, He protects you. Just think about it: The most protected person in the United States is our president. He receives the protection at the same time he receives the promotion. Nobody in his right mind would take the office of the presidency without the protection the promotion deserves. How much better does God, who has legions of angels at His disposal, protect the people He promotes?