Shane Roessiger

I pledge my allegiance to the Kingdom of God. I break all other agreements or vows to any other. I’m in this world but not of it. I’m an ambassador of Christ. I will follow Christ and His commandments. I will eat from His table and no other. Faith, hope, and love will be my anchor. Every precept in the Book of life will I follow. I will pursue justice for the weak. I will strive to live holy and pure. The Holy Spirit is my guide, my friend, my comforter. I will follow the truth. Then will mercy and goodness follow me, I receive the light. I will carry the light. The light will keep my eyes single. This is my daily bread. This is my vow! I receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken. I stand in covenant to Jesus Christ: My Lord, my savior, and my deliverer. I receive His precious blood. I take my vow as a vow unto God. I cast out fear or anything that exalts itself above God’s Word. With this, nothing will separate me from my creator, the true living God. He is above every throne. I will bow only to Yahweh. I pledge to His banner. His banner over me is love. And to Him, I pledge my allegiance.