David Jeremiah

There are three simple steps that we can take in our lives to protect or repair our reputation and maintain our spiritual sincerity. The first step is to pray. We commit our plans to God and ask Him to guard our hearts against insincerity. We ask Him to make us aware, through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, of past interactions in which we were less than sincere. This gives us the opportunity to seek out people we may have offended and make amends. The second step is to examine ourselves. The roots of our insincerity could spring from a desire to be liked (saying things people want to hear) or a cavalier attitude toward making plans (agreeing to things without first checking schedules), or from a place of ignorance (being unaware of how others perceive us)… The third step is to place a renewed emphasis on sincerity and integrity. We do this in both big and small ways… We build a reputation as someone whose walk with Christ is genuine and sincere.