R. T. Kendall

What is outside your comfort zone today maybe at the very centre of your comfort zone tomorrow. This is because once you open become used to the scariness of your new place, being outside your comfort zone begins to seem like home. Before long, you may have to move yet again and go to the unknown, like Abraham went out but did not know where he was going.

Gilbert Keith G. K. Chesterton

We must tell stories the way God does, stories in which a sister must float her little brother on a river with nothing but a basket between him and the crocodiles. Stories in which a king is a coward, and a shepherd boy steps forward to face the giant. Stories with fiery serpents and leviathans and sermons in whirlwinds. Stories in which murderers are blinded on donkeys and become heroes. Stories with dens of lions and fiery furnaces and lone prophets laughing at kings and priests and demons. Stories with heads on platters. Stories with courage and crosses and redemption. Stories with resurrections.

John R.W. Stott

Insistence on security is incompatible with the way of the cross. What daring adventures the incarnation and the atonement were! What a breach of convention and decorum that Almighty God should renounce his privileges in order to take human flesh and bear human sin! Jesus had no security except in his Father. So to follow Jesus is always to accept at least a measure of uncertainty, danger and rejection for his sake.