Christine Colby

To have a Biblical Christian worldview is to have God’s perspective on His world and our lives. We all come from different cultures. Even when we become believers, we don’t instantly have God’s view – we still carry our own cultural views. God encourages us in the Bible to meditate on His Word day and night to change our way of thinking. He instructs us to do this because He knows that we need to have our worldview transformed to align with His.

Ed Stetzer

Nominal Christians often are shaped by a conservative worldview, but they may not express those opinions in Christ-honoring ways. For example, Christians can and should debate political issues. As one of many possible applications, we can debate levels of immigration, how to best address border security, and how to deal with undocumented immigrants who live in our country. But when we speak of immigrants in disparaging and unchristian ways, or when we spew vitriol toward people made in the image of God because they hold opposing views, we sound more like talk-radio commentators than people with a gospel-shaped worldview.

Francis A. Schaeffer

We should realize that if something untrue or immoral is stated in great art, it can be far more devastating than if it is expressed in poor art. The greater the artistic expression, the more important it is to consciously bring it and its worldview under the judgment of Christ and the Bible. The common reaction among many, however, is just the opposite. Ordinarily, many seem to feel that the greater the art, the less we ought to be critical of its worldview. This we must reverse.