Winkie Pratney

In Modernism, miracles also are suspect if not “impossible.” Forced to deny plain words of the Scriptures that expose and condemn all natural man’s selfish actions, the Modernist has to question ALL Scripture that does not agree with his life. The God’s Divine Directory becomes a book “written by man” full of “mistakes.” Its plain demands become “Misinterpretations.” Modernism joins Satan by asking, “Has God said?” when He very plainly HAS! (Genesis 3:1). This philosophy tries to take the supernatural from Scripture and society, undermining faith in God and His Word. Here, the Bible is not our absolute guide for life under the light of God’s Holy Spirit. A Modernist rethinks truth in a way that clouds Christ’s clear commands. He makes darkened reason, not intelligent trust in the Word of a wise and holy God, his rule. Subtle changes in understanding of truth, double-thinking, and silence on issues that clarify sin are all marks of Modernism.


Dallas Willard


We live in a culture that has, for centuries now, cultivated the idea that the skeptical person is always smarter than the one who believes. You can be almost as stupid as a cabbage, as long as you doubt. The fashion of the age has identified mental sharpness with a pose, not with genuine intellectual method and character.