John Eldredge

You’ve got to release the world; you’ve got to release people, crises, trauma, intrigue, all of it. There has to be some time in your day where you just let it all go. All the tragedy of the world, the heartbreak, the latest shooting, earthquake—the soul was never meant to endure this. The soul was never meant to inhabit a world like this. It’s way too much. Your soul is finite. You cannot carry the sorrows of the world. Only God can do that. Only he is infinite. Somewhere, sometime in your day, you’ve just got to release it. You’ve got to let it go.

Chris Cruz

Simplicity is about trusting God to be enough and if that means we have to let go of some stuff, then so be it. The goal isn’t just to let go. It’s to be inwardly focussed on God and on his sufficiency for us. You will find sustained joy and contentment by intentionally letting go of secondary things, so the primary things can have their proper place.