Sally McClung

I read about a man who had a weather vane on his barn that said “God is love.” When asked why it said that, he told them that it was a reminder to him. “No matter which way the wind blows, God is love.” How simple, but how profound – and how true! No matter what “weather” comes our way – God is love. God is faithful. God is sufficient. God is with us. God is good. God is working in our lives to accomplish His plans and purposes. Whatever way the wind blows in our lives – God is there with whatever we need. And He’s still working miracles!

Elisabeth Elliot

Even when we’ve prayerfully and carefully sought God’s guidance, “it does not follow that right guidance will be vindicated by a trouble-free course thereafter” (p. 239). Numerous examples in the Bible show people falling into trouble who were directly where God led them: the Israelites between Pharaoh and the Red Sea; the disciples in a boat in a storm, a boat that Jesus sent them off in; Paul in prison, Jesus Himself on the cross, just to name a few. An easy path doesn’t always mean we’re on the right road: a troubled path doesn’t necessarily mean we are on the wrong one.