Ed Stetzer

At a time when people are encouraged to “find your truth,” the church is called to hold fast to the enduring truth of the Christian faith. At the core of our community is not a shared hobby, political view, or culture. It is a shared commitment to and belief in the truth of the Christian faith. A bound set of doctrines that we as Christians confess and submit to as authoritative for our lives. In fact, Jesus reminds us that he is the way, truth, and life. We do not define truth but find it in the person and work of Christ.


Henry Ward Beecher

No matter how good the walls and the materials are; if the foundations are not strong, the building will not stand. By and by, in some upper room, a crack will appear; and men will say: “There is the crack; but the cause is the foundation.” So if, in youth, you lay the foundation of your character wrongly, the penalty will be sure to follow. The crack may be far down in old age, but somewhere it will certainly appear.