George MacDonald

How terribly, have the theologians misrepresented God in the measures of the low and showy, not the lofty and simple humanities! Nearly all of them represent him as a great King on a grand throne, thinking how grand he is, and making it the business of his being and the end of his universe to keep up his glory, wielding the bolts of a Jupiter against them that take his name in vain. They would not allow this, but follow out what they say, and it comes much to this. Brothers, have you found our King? There He is, kissing little children and saying they are like God. There He is at table with the head of a fisherman lying on his bosom, and somewhat heavy at heart that even he, the beloved disciple, cannot yet understand Him well. The simplest peasant who loves his children and his sheep were a truer type of our God beside that monstrosity of a monarch.

D. Rosage

God is not one who is far away, nor is he eager to punish us for our failures. No, He is a Father who loves us more than we could ask to be loved. God, the creator of the universe, the one who made all things out of nothing, loves us. He wants to care for us, share His divine life with us, and bring us to a perfect union with Him for all eternity. We know with our mind that God loves us, but we must also be convinced in our hearts so that we can respond to His great love.

Jerry Bridges

We tend to subjectively feel God’s displeasure more than we do his loving Father we care. This means that in order to experience the reality and full meaning of our adoption, we must also keep in mind our identity in Christ. This is how we counteract our own tendency to focus on our performance as a measure of God’s acceptance… I am an adopted son of God. I’m a child of the King. I have the privilege in this life of an intimate father-child relationship with Him. And I look forward with expect and hope to an eternal inheritance that is far more glorious than anything I could imagine.

Graham Kendrick

If…we know Him by the revelation of the Holy Spirit and in our daily experience of Him as a personal loving heavenly Father, and are acquainted with both His gentleness and His awesome holiness, we will run to Him as children with open arms and yet deepest respect. The most important Person who ever existed loves you and me! The Creator of the universe has revealed Himself as having the tender heart of loving Father, and has by his Spirit made us His true-born children. He knows your name, He knows my name, He laughs and weeps with us! In Him we have discovered that we are valued infinitely far above our worth. How can we keep quiet about such a God?