Dallas Willard

Faith is a living well-founded confidence in the grace of God so perfectly certain that it would die thousand times rather than surrender its conviction. Such confidence and personal knowledge of divine grace makes its possessor joyful, bold, and full of warm affection towards God and all created things, all of which the Holy Spirit works in faith.

Skip Heitzig

Legalism points the finger. Grace opens wide its arms and seeks to restore. Legalism loves condemnation, Grace loves restoration. “So you messed up, so did I. Come on in. We want to get around you, we want to lift you up, we want to restore you. We may get in your business and get honest with you, but we want to restore you back to fruitfulness. We don’t just want to point out your faults, we want to restore you.”

Dan McCollam

Grace is the divine enablement of God upon your life that can show you what Jesus would do in your situation. Sometimes people teach a lazy grace, like: “It’s all been done for us, so we don’t have to do anything!” Does that sound boring to anyone else?! Grace is the very energy and fire of God that enables you. Grace gives you the power to work harder than anyone else, and not fry out!