Emily Colson

Over 50 years ago, my dad, Chuck Colson, gave his life to Christ. There was no sense of what the future would bring. No clear path forward. Sound familiar? 50 years ago it was Watergate. Today the challenges are even greater. But I have something now – I can look back knowing God had a glorious plan in the midst of the mess of Watergate. And even when I can’t see it, I know He has a glorious plan in the midst of the mess today. God is at work. He is not asleep at the job. The only question is…what are we doing? What do we do when we are at the end, when we “despair even of life” as the apostle Paul said. Do we run from Him? Or do we run to Him? I’m not sure there is any other choice. This world is broken – the evidence is mounting. God had a rescue plan. He sent His son Jesus right into this mess. Right into hate and division and sickness and suffering. Right into scandals and politics and Watergate. To bring us hope. To bring us to Himself. To be the Way forward. I can run to someone who loves me that much.