Katherine Walden

Just a little explanation about the DCQ

I place these Daily Quotes in a queue two months in advance. What you read here today I uploaded two months before. 95% of these quotes come from books that were written long before the date you are reading these quotes. As of December 2020, 5 years of quotes lay in wait to be posted! I daily add to my library of quotes, searching out quotes that I feel are hopeful, encouraging, challenging, and hold a depth that causes us all to pause and think.

Therefore, the quotes you see here were not intentionally written to address what is happening in the world you are living in on this current date. Sometimes, however, those quotes might have well been written as if God knew what you needed to hear on the day you read the quote.

On occasion, I might quote from a sermon or teaching I heard recently, but remember, that recently was actually two months ago.

If these quotes hit home to a current situation going on in your life or your nation’s life today, that was not through an intentional act on my part. Consider it a nudge from God, letting you know that He is lovingly aware and attentive to your current situation. I honestly forget what I have placed in the queue at times, so the quotes are as fresh to me as they are to you.

The ONLY times I intentionally post a quote for a particular day or season are for important days in our global international year. Advent, Christmas New Years, Easter, etc.

Katherine Walden

Today is the first day of Advent 2020
Putting together a Christmas newsletter or website? Wanting some Christ based reminders of what Advent and Christmas are all about? It’s almost impossible to find Christian oriented Advent Calendars anymore but a heads up, Advent was never meant to be a count down to Santa’s arrival and a daily dose of chocolate.

Use the TAG menu on this website to discover some quotes that will help you anticipate the birth of our glorious King Jesus.

Advent Quotes