Eric Johnson

Whenever we lose sight of Spiritual history, the present has less value. If you want to learn how to take something you didn’t pay a price for and gain value for it, then you need to increase it. By taking something given to you and increasing it, you are now paying the price for another generation. But if you only take what has been given to you and maintain it by stewarding it at the same level, then you’re not paying a price for the next generation.

Warren W Wiersbe

A friend told me he wanted to start a church only for people fifty and older, and I suggested he put an undertaker on the staff. God meant for His church to include male and female, old and young, and those in between, and that all of them should learn from one another. There are old fools as well as young fools, and age is no guarantee of wisdom or even useful experience. The young people in my life help me catch up with the present, and I help the to catch up with the past, and so we all stay balanced and love one another.