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I have friends who don’t frequent social media much and might not be following the Daily Christian Quote Facebook Group. All are welcome to join that group, by the way. I post the same DCQ you find here every day in the Facebook group as well.  But those not on Facebook or Instagram might be interested in receiving my weekly blog via email. It is devotional in nature and is never political; it is always inspirational and never fear or conspiracy driven.
I send out a mailing once a week and each mailing only contains my weekly devotional and seven quotes from the past week. As I basically have nothing to sell beyond 3 books that are available on Amazon, you will not be spammed with promotional offers.  Sign up at katherinewalden.com


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Do you surf Facebook? Join the Daily Christian Quote Group. I post the quotes there.  I post memes of the DCQ every few days on Instagram as well.  Find me on MeWe and Gab. Please note: I only use MeWe and Gab as alternative platforms for posting the DCQ, I am not engaged with any political agendas or groups on any social media platforms.


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Katherine Walden

Just a little confession, I don’t stay up until midnight every day to post a new Daily Christian Quote. I manually post these quotes in advance. I choose midnight, Mountain Standard Time, for the quotes to be published so they’ll show up earlier in the day across the Western Hemisphere at least, so people can see the quotes as they start their day. By the time quotes I lined up into the queue pop up on my screen, they are as new to me as they are to you! You can see these quotes daily on Facebook in the Daily Christian Quote Facebook Group. You can also receive a quote a day via email by signing up here. (Free and spam-free) If you occasionally spot a typo, please forgive me as I have some vision issues as well as a physical disability.