Kris Vallotton

God is often on a different timetable than we are. In fact, He doesn’t even live in time. We have a beginning and an end, but God doesn’t. God lives in eternity, and He is able to see the end from the beginning. When He gives us a word, we cannot assume that its fulfillment will take place within twenty-four hours. For example, Jesus said that He was coming quickly, but two thousand years have passed and we are still waiting. Perceived delay does not mean denial.


Eugene H. Peterson

Eternal. It means that which comes from God. It is not a word that refers to the future. Eternal life is not the life we get after we die. It is the life we get from God right now. I got a biological life from my parents, but I get eternal life from the Spirit of God. It is not something I wait for but something I participate in. It is not a distant promise but a present history.

Suprise Sithole

We might have the beautiful house, beautiful country, fat account, good friends, wonderful children, nice jobs, but there is nothing that can replace the reality of disturbed soul that is heading towards destruction.
But what the joy it is, on the other hand, to be in peace with God, to feel His presence and to smell His presences. This is what we should, by all means, strive for in faith, hope for and die for, for the city of God, is far much better than a taste of this life.