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The DCQ is a ministry of “I Lift My Eyes” Ministries, overseen by Katherine Walden
A Ministry of I Lift My Eyes Ministries - overseen by Katherine Walden

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What Others Are Saying About Us.

I just wanted to thank you for your ministry. More often than not, these quotes hit us right where we are in a particular situation in our life. It’s amazing to see how much it seems they are meant for us some days. My husband is a pastor at a small church and it has been a rough year for us in the ministry. Your quotes are always a source of encouragement, comfort, and reassurance of our faith and commitment to our Lord.



It’s impossible to fully tell you how blessed I am quite often through these daily quotes in my INBOX.

…There have been times when a specific quote has spoken wisdom to me perhaps leading me a new direction, offering me a fresh perspective, or just generally calming me down and refocusing me on what’s truly important.

Praise be to God not only for your willingness to offer this valuable service to “strangers” but also allowing God to reach so many people through your faithfulness.

May God bless you richly and help you reach even more people for Him.

Anyway… I DIDN’T know there were past quotes archived back, so thank you for letting me know. Isn’t it a sad reality that costs, especially for such an obvious God-sent blessing, never fail to increase?

Carl S


Many thanks Katherine. Your quotes have been a real help to me on so many occasions. I live in England and am working full-time with little churches which are in real need of God’s help to meet the needs of this generation … it’s a bit of a bleak set up in the rural areas of our land where so many preachers and ministers don’t believe the Bible is God’s word, or that people can or should live in relationship with God. Would value your prayers for us here.



Your site is a godsend. Never have a found a site that is so encouraging and is so rooted in God’s Word alone. Keep up the good work.



I was looking for some Bible verses on depression & came upon your website. What a gold-mine of help. Thank you so much!
Chaplain D.O USA Military



The quotes are remarkable really! They speak to me directly. ALWAYS. Always pertinent to what is happening in my life …right at that moment. God is amazing.

I look forward to reading them every day. God bless you always.




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