Jill Parr

You might have stopped doing something that you should be doing. You might have lost your way, lost your vision, your goal, your drive, your discipline or worse yet, you’ve lost hope.
Maybe you have fallen down or you tried and something didn’t work and you labelled yourself a “failure.”

Let’s reframe your thinking.

You lost sight. You’re not a loser.

You lost your hope. You’re not and it’s not hopeless.

You failed. You’re not a failure.

If there is breath, there is hope.
If there is God, there is hope. There is and there is.
Start today. It might be a little humbling to begin again but, humble pie isn’t so bad.
It might be hard but hey, you can do hard things.
It might be hard but hard isn’t the same as impossible.
Today is your day.
Go get it.
Start again, again.
You’ve got this.

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