Isaac Watts

Some persons believe everything that their kindred, their parents, and their tutors believe. The veneration and the love which they have for their ancestors incline them to swallow down all their opinions at once, without examining what truth or falsehood there is in them. Men take their principles by inheritance, and defend them as they would their estates, because they are born heirs to them.

Benjamin B Warfield

A glass window stands before us. We raise our eyes and see the glass; we note its quality, and observe its defects; we speculate on its composition. Or we look straight through it on the great prospect of land and sea and sky beyond. So there are two ways of looking at the world. We may see the world and absorb ourselves in the wonders of nature. That is the scientific way. Or we may look right through the world and see God behind it. That is the religious [Christian] way.


For if the movement of the world were irrational, and the world rolled on in random fashion, one would be justified in disbelieving what we say. But if the world is founded on reason, wisdom, and science, and is filled with orderly beauty, then it must owe its origin and order to none other than the Word of God.

B. J. Hoff

Life will bring us questions without answers; To live is to encounter silent seasons of the soul, When every prayer will seem to go unanswered – As we face events beyond our understanding or control. Yet in the quiet darkness, Christ is working. His silence in the shadows doesn’t mean he doesn’t care; A part of faith is trusting without reason, Believing, when he can’t be seen or heard, that he’s still there…So when answers fail to come, don’t be discouraged. Keep leaning on his steadfast love and trusting in his will, For knowing “why” won’t really make a difference – But growing close and knowing Jesus will.

Thomas Merton

If we try to contemplate God without having turned the face of our inner self entirely in His direction, we will end up inevitably by contemplating ourselves, and we will perhaps plunge into the abyss of warm darkness which is our own sensible nature. That is not a darkness in which one can safely remain passive.