Bill Johnson

If we are growing, there will always be a distance between what we are experiencing and what He has promised . It is not a sign of failure, it is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign that we are going somewhere. When you are in a car, going down the road, you can always see further down the road than where you are. In life it is the same, we must always see further than we are. That is the Lord summoning us into a glorious future.

Katherine Walden

When I am in the midst of the desert, wondering if there is any possible way out of my situation, it is hard to imagine God working behind the scenes. He is. He has his own time. He knows what needs to be in place for the fruition of his promises. I cling to this truth. Even in the darkest night, I know that my redeemer lives and is at work in my life.

Arthur John (A. J.) Gossip

We come to Jesus Christ: and He does for us what He promised; and the thing works out. To our amazement, it works out. And then we settle down. We have had our own first-hand and irrefutable experience. But, instead of opening the windows to the glory of the sunshine so evidently there, instead of being incited to a hugeness of faith by what Christ has already done for us, we can’t believe that there can be anything more, or that even He can work, for us, anything better. That first foretaste satisfies us. And so we camp for life out on the confines of the Kingdom, and never press on to inherit what is there and meant for us.