Peggie C. Bohanon

God has not abdicated His throne. He will not forever tolerate man’s inhumanity to man. He sees. He knows, He understands–and He still reigns. Whatever has happened this day, whatever will happen tomorrow, He is still in control. Nothing escapes His watchful eye and He promises to hear the prayers of His children. Let us look to the Lord, Who IS our help and our refuge in the time of storm. And while we pray for those who sorrow, let us also pray for those who hate, may God save their never-dying souls.

Brother Yun

We never pray against our government or call down curses on them. Instead, we have learned that God is in control both of our own lives and the government we live under. God has used China’s government for His own purposes, molding and shaping His children as He sees fit. Instead of focusing our prayers against any political system, we pray that regardless of what happens to us, we will be pleasing to God.

Brother Yun is a Chinese Christian who has been severely persecuted for his faith.

Warren Wiersbe

If you take care of yourself and walk with integrity, you may be confident that God will deal with those who sin against you. Above all, don’t give birth to sin yourself; rather, pray for those who persecute you. God will one day turn your persecution into praise.