Dorothy Sayers

The people who hanged Christ never, to do them justice, accused him of being a bore – on the contrary, they thought him too dynamic to be safe. It has been left for later generations to muffle up that shattering personality and surround him with an atmosphere of tedium. We have very efficiently pared the claws of the Lion of Judah, certified him ‘meek and mild,’ and recommended him as a fitting household pet for pale curates and pious old ladies.

Madeleine L’Engle

What I believe is so magnificent, so glorious, that it is beyond finite comprehension. To believe that the universe was created by a purposeful, benign Creator is one thing. To believe that this Creator took on human vesture, accepted death and mortality, was tempted, betrayed, broken, and all for love of us, defies reason. It is so wild that it terrifies some Christians who try to dogmatize their fear by lashing out at other Christians, because tidy Christianity with all answers given is easier than one which reaches out to the wild wonder of God’s love, a love we don’t even have to earn.

Tony Evans

Holiness is the centerpiece of God’s attributes. Of all the things God is, at the centre of His being, God is holy. Never in the Bible is God called, “love, love, love,” or “eternal, eternal, eternal,” or “truth, truth, truth.” On this aspect of His character, God has laid the most stress.

Oswald Chambers

We learn by prayer to detect the difference between God’s order and God’s permissive will. God’s order is — no pain, no sickness, no devil, no war, no sin: His permissive will is all these things, the “soup” we are in just now. What a man needs to do is to get hold of God’s order in the kingdom on the inside, and then he will begin to see how to handle the riddle of the universe on the outside.