Bill Johnson

If we are growing, there will always be a distance between what we are experiencing and what He has promised . It is not a sign of failure, it is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign that we are going somewhere. When you are in a car, going down the road, you can always see further down the road than where you are. In life it is the same, we must always see further than we are. That is the Lord summoning us into a glorious future.

Charles Swindoll

Your call will become clear as your mind is transformed by the reading of Scripture and the internal work of God’s Spirit. The Lord never hides His will from us. In time, as you obey the call first to follow, your destiny will unfold before you. The difficulty will lie in keeping other concerns from diverting your attention.

Thomas Merton

If we try to contemplate God without having turned the face of our inner self entirely in His direction, we will end up inevitably by contemplating ourselves, and we will perhaps plunge into the abyss of warm darkness which is our own sensible nature. That is not a darkness in which one can safely remain passive.