Francis Frangipane

We must make the choice to rejoice. Too many of us are cynics. Cynicism, contrary to popular opinion, is not a gift of the Holy Spirit. A cynic is a habitual doubter. He is nearly always negative, expecting the worst, and probing for the worst when there is nothing negative is visible on the surface. Ultimately, a cynic will always discover something that confirms their expectations. I am saying that God is good, and even when things are not good, He works them for our good. If you believe this is true, your faith in God will relieve you from a host of dark and dangerous attitudes. God is Who He says He is. Even if we don’t know all the details along the way, we trust that He is good.

David Brickner

In this cynical and suspicious world, many delight in dashing hope, extinguishing embers of expectation, drowning out any note of God’s good word of grace. But godly hope is rooted in a deep reality that enables the believer to lean hard against the winds of doubt and push back inexorably against the darkness of worldly despair.

Katherine Walden

While the Lord calls me to be wise and discerning, he reminds me often that his discernment cannot dwell in a cynical distrustful heart. With Him, there is no hidden agenda and no ulterior motive. His gifts are free for the taking but I cannot take these gifts if my hands are already full of my own weapons of self-protection. Therefore, He asks me to lay down the shields that I have forged for protection and pick up the shield of faith in their place. He asks me to take Him at His Word.