Katherine Walden

Confessing our sins is not for God’s benefit, we aren’t telling him something that he doesn’t already know. Confessing our sins brings our own sinful nature to the forefront of our own eyes. It is now in the light, no longer hiding in the shadows. When we confess to God, it’s now out in the open and we are held accountable to repent, to turn away from that sin. We can no longer deny its existence, for the hearer of our confession is our witness. Often, God will bring us support to continue in the path of turning from a besetting sin in the form of a friend or a spiritual leader who will lovingly hold us accountable.

George Muller

As to the importance of the children of God opening their hearts to each other, especially when they are getting in a cold state, or are under the power of a certain sin, or are in especial difficulty; I know from my own experience how often the snare of the devil has been broken when under the power of sin; how often the heart has been comforted when nigh to be overwhelmed; how often advice, and great perplexity, has been obtained, – by opening my heart to a brother in whom I had confidence. We are children of the same family, and ought therefore to be helpers one of another.