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To provide quality Christian quotes and sayings from a variety Christian writers from ancient historical believers to present day popular writers and speakers, and everyday Christians. Available via email subscription or by reading directly on the website. On-site quotes archives are organized by subject, date and by author.

Our History:

Daily Christian Quote (DCQ) began in 1999 as a small mailing list sent to colleagues of “I Lift My Eyes Web Ministries”, now known as Katherine Walden Ministries. As time went on, recipients would contact Katherine asking her to resend certain quotes, asking for authors, etc. Katherine responded by creating a small section of quotes within the “I Lift My Eyes Web Ministries” website. The Daily Christian Quote Website became its own entity in 2004. As of June 2016, we closed our mailing list due to a lack of finances but we continue to provide a weekly summmary of quotes through the weekly devotional emailing at Katherine Walden Ministries. Thousands visit the DCQ website each month to browse through the 15 years of archives.

There are three ways you can search the Daily Christian Quote Website:

1. Use the “Tags” link in the menu above to search the site by subject. We have added tags to almost every quote in our archive library that will help you find quotes pertaining to specific subjects or themes.

2. Use the Daily Christian Quote Search Engine to search by an author’s name.

3. Use the Search Engine to search by keyword such as ‘hope’. This method will give you all the quotes using that word and not all those quotes necessarily are speaking about the subject of hope.

Much thanks to the creative team and IT gurus at Think Monkey, Inc for all their hard work, patience and genius solutions that brought this website out of the stone age.

Who Hosts Daily Christian Quotes (DCQ)?

Daily Christian Quotes is hosted and run as a sub-ministry of I Lift My Eyes Web Ministries, now known as “Katherine Walden Ministries”, an established Christian Internet presence since 1996.

Picture of KatherineHello, I’m Katherine Walden. As you surf through the pages of this site, hopefully you will gain insight into myself, the founder of I Lift My Eyes Web Ministries. I am a Christian, and my life is found in Christ, so His name is sprinkled throughout all these pages. I live with a neurological disorder called Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, but I have not allowed my disability to stop me from living an active, productive life. I worked with Youth With A Mission for 13 years and finally settled in Alberta, Canada. As my disability has progressed to the place I can no longer work in the regular workforce, I decided, upon the advice of my doctors, pastors and family to hang up the traditional work hat.

However, someone once said, “You can take the minister out of the pulpit but you can’t take the ministry out of the minister.” When I discovered the internet in 1994, I had no idea how the Lord would begin to challenge me to continue ministering around the world without taking a step from my apartment. Thousands are blessed by the daily quotes I send out, thousands of visitors visit the ministry’s websites on a daily basis and thousands find encouragement through the devotionals I write. I am currently working on compiling my devotionals into a series of Ebooks. I am actually reaching more people on a daily basis than I would have ever imagined reaching when I was a more traditional missionary!

I currently attend Harvest Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Alberta, Canada and I have been a member since 1992. I serve the local body through helping to facilitate a weekly small group fellowship as well as overseeing our emergency prayer line. I am also an active member of our prayer ministry team.  At present, I am a sponsor, mentor and friend to several individuals, both in my local church and online, providing a listening ear and hopefully wise counsel.

From my earliest years as a Christian to the present day, I have gleaned wisdom and spiritual subsistence from many Christian streams and denominations. During a hospital stay at the age of 10, I was led to the Lord by two Baptist ladies who held a Sunday School class in my ward. I never saw the ladies again but am grateful for their influence. Looking back over the years, I see the fruit of the seeds they planted so long ago. I deepened my walk, committing myself to Christ through the mentoring of a born-again priest in my last years of high school. I attended a Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada church for a few years before I joined Youth With A Mission. During my 14 years in missions, I fellowshiped in local churches around the world, gleaning wisdom and truth in diverse denominations, such as: Baptist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Anglican and non-denominational. I worshiped while sitting on bamboo mats in refugee camps and while sitting on plush padded pews in mega-churches in the United States.

You will see quotes from teachers, pastors and writers from just about every stream of Christianity on the website. You will see quotes from first century Christians and modern day believers. You will never see quotes that tear down other denominations or slander pastors, teachers or authors. You won’t see quotes that deny the basic tenets of our faith. Quotes will never deny doctrines such as: Salvation is only possible through faith in Jesus Christ. Any quote that denies the virgin birth, the deity of Christ, His physical presence and ministry on the earth, his death and His physical resurrection for the sake of the world will not be found on this site. Any quote that denies the Trinity won’t be found here either.

While I might quote a person, it does not mean I fully endorse everything they have written or they might write in the future.

I am not a Cessationist. Although many of the quotes on this site come from fellow believers who happen to come from denominational streams that believe in this teaching, I am, in fact, a Spirit-Filled Christian who not only believes the Holy Spirit is active and moving on the earth today in signs and wonders, I have been honoured to see evidence of His power displayed on the earth, first hand.

If you find a certain author or their denomination to be offending, then I playfully suggest that you remember Balaaam heard some powerful truths from the mouth of a donkey.

What Others Are Saying

A few notes of kind encouragement from others about the role the web ministry has had in their lives have been posted here.

Conditions for Use of Quotes

You have permission to use the quotes archived on this website on your facebook pages, blogs, emails and tweets under one condition. You must include the author/speaker’s name of every individual quote you wish to use on this site. It is honourable to give our brothers and sisters in Christ credit for their original thoughts and words. To not do so is considered plagiarism.

I would ask that you honour these men and women’s sacrificial gifts of prayer, intercession, quiet time, study and time that they gave in order to receive these insights from the Lord. Godly wisdom is only earned through hearts that have disciplined themselves to listen to the Lord over long periods of time. We, as their readers and listeners, reap the harvest of their labour. Let us do so with thankfulness and the willingness to give credit where credit is due.

Unless you feel led, there is no need to mention this website in your blogs as a reference. However, you are more than welcome to point your readers to this site so they, too, can enjoy the riches.

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